Soaring Beauty - Who, What, Where, When, How

Soaring Beauty - Who is a Soaring Beauty?
You Are!

Soaring Beauty - What is Soaring Beauty?
It is an inexplicable delight, it is a moment, it is a state of mind and it is Divine in nature. It can be a breathtaking view of the mountain tops, a bird in flight or an inner radiance that you shine forth.
You are a Soaring Beauty, when you claim it and say yes to it. When you say yes to your Self and say yes to your freedom and desires and passions and creativity and love and beauty, the Soaring Beauty within will sparkle beneath your skin. It is an infusion of self love and a gift of the Gods. Your cells become alive with your acknowledgement of this powerful emotion of truth, you feel it and you know it. You were born to be and you are gifted with unlimited moments of and access to Soaring Beauty, it is unending and ever present. Remember Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold more beauty and fill yourself up with it, it becomes you.

Soaring Beauty - Where?
Right here, right there, wherever you are, wherever the eye can see or the body can feel, it is always there within and around us. Soaring Beauty is in the atomic structure of life itself. It is in every human, animal, plant, cloud, sunset, mountain, rock, star, raindrop, ocean, it is in and part of everything. Look around find it and feel it, it is within you and it surrounds you too.

Soaring Beauty - When?
Right now of course, right now, always now, the ever present now and as much of the now that you can give over to it, to this feeling that you are a Soaring Beauty right now and always. It is your birthright to feel it and step into it, Soaring with your own wings.

Soaring Beauty - How?
Give yourself permission to claim it, say to yourself "I AM A SOARING BEAUTY" I am that, I AM that, I AM. I AM A SOARING BEAUTY, I AM A SOARING BEAUTY, I AM A SOARING BEAUTY, I AM, I AM, I AM. Repetition is key, make it your mantra, think about what it means to you to be a Soaring Beauty. See yourself as a Soaring Beauty, feel yourself flowing and soaring with your passion, your love, your beauty, your creativity, your strength, your purpose. Whatever it is for you, give yourself permission to be it, feel it and know that it is the truth of YOU. Soar in your mind, Soar in your Spirit, Soar in your Beauty.

Blessings my Soaring Beauties


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