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The Goddess Bride - Bachelorette Parties with meaning

Honest to Goddess, the bachelorette parties of the past are thankfully where they belong, in the past. The Girls Night Out to get drunk, to see male strippers and to use the upcoming marriage as an excuse for indulgent debaucherous behavior, I wouldn’t care to do at anytime anyhow, is now kept in the hands of the younger generation. I am so thankful I have graduated that realm, they will learn. With time comes greater things. One of the beauties of maturity is the understanding of what has meaning and true value in our lives. Our friendships for instance, are one of the things we have grown to love and trust from a deep well of experience. By the time you reach your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, you have truly discovered what a good friend is all about. You have weeded out those who didn’t match your love and integrity and truth and held onto the ones who really know and love you for exactly who you are. A great friend is a life boat, a person to share your deepest darkest