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The Goddess Hoops

Have I got a blessing for you....Have I got an inspiration for you!!! Have I discoverd one of the most thrilling and exciting ways to change your life, your body, your thoughts, your addictions, your strength, your confidence, your joy and your inner source of power. Yes, I have. Women, Goddesses, Girls and Mothers it is time to discover your hoop, your powerful circle, the source and the center of which you are the nucleus. Your place in the circle of life, your essence in the center of your circle and the most fun you can have as you exercise and strengthen your core. This might sound silly to you, but truly the gift is in the child hood play of a hoola hoop. The cosmic, celestial, circulating energy of the hoola hoop will open up the power center of your core, like nothing has done for you before. The sensual, sexual, stimulating motions of your hips, belly, and body in balance with the cyclic nature of your true beauty will astound you as you play with this energy more and more.