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What is Your Purpose?

What is your Purpose? Do you know your purpose? Do you feel despondent about not knowing what to do in your life? Are you waiting for some miraculous dream, vision or psychic reading to show up and let you know what it is you are meant to be doing? If so, well then today is your lucky day! Today you are going to begin to step into your purpose. You can start to gain some clarity about your purpose by answering some of these questions. Write down your responses to these questions and let your mind carry you into the vision and emotion these answers evoke. Ask your SELF - What is it that YOU love to do? Do you love to be in nature? Do you love to be creative? Do you love to teach what you know? Do you love to tell stories? Do you love to walk the beach? What is it that you truly love to do??? Who are the people/beings you love to be with? Are they children, teenagers, animals, the wise elders? What is it that makes you the happiest, feel the most satisfied, gratified and fulfilled? Wh