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The mission of WomanMind is to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of women; through conversation, coaching and experiential exercises. WomanMind is a personal service that reminds women of who they are and how to heal, love and empower themselves from the inside out; It is an experience of self-discovery, re-invention and a re-awakening to our innate joy, health and fulfillment in life. WomanMind offers a portfolio of services that includes: One to one Personal Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Natural Health Consulting (NHC) Group facilitaion: My Goddess Party - a celebration of women, friendship and the feminine spirit - part women's council, part celebration, part support group and part game we all know how to play. The Goddess Party is a sacred circle for women, it is a playful and profound experience in which we delve into our connection as women by celebrating who we are, the women we came from (our mothers and grandmothers), and eachother's uniqueness and per

A Letter to My Goddessy Group

Hello Beautiful Goddesses, I am thinking of you. I hope you are all doing well, and keeping your inner light and inner flame burning and bright. If not take a moment to fan it now.....remember underneath all the fear, pain, discouragement etc. is the love, joy, and beauty of your eternal self. I have never known such a fearful time in the collective consciousness of our human nature, as I am seeing and feeling now. I feel it personally in my own life and feel it all around me. Even some of the other psychics and healers I know are feeling pulled down with the economy and the increase of fear and despair around them. As enlightened beings (which we all are), it is our job to constantly pull ourselves out of that darkness, brush ourselves off, fan our flames, and remember who we really are on the inside - GODDESS EMBODIED. VIBRATIONAL BEINGS, BEAUTIES OF THE GODDESSY KIND. POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVABLE, WHOLE, PERFECT AND STRONG. I am that I am that I AM. The economy has nothing to do