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Don't sit home alone tonight if you don't have a Valentine! Instead, come join us and have a wonderful night out, celebrating the power, beauty and radiance of being a woman. Join Elizabeth Stahl for her annual Goddess Party at Cornerstone Bookstore in Salem MA. Enjoy a magical evening of empowerment and nourishment for the feminine spirit. Open to all women. We want to see you! An extraordinary experience awaits! Cost: $20 Time: 7 - 9pm Location: Cornerstone Bookstore 45 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts 01970 (978) 744-1831 Phone (617) 812-2562 Fax bsimpson For more information check out Elizabeth's website

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You Understand Your Eight Divine Rights Unveil your Right to Be - This is your divine right to be exactly who you are. It is your right to take up space and your right to exist. Because you are here and because you are alive, then you have the right to be, and even more than that, your being-ness is essential. Every soul, insect, plant, tree, bird, animal, mountain and more, every everything that exists is a part of the great whole of the Universe. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm and every person on this planet has something unique and special to offer. Even if we don’t know what it is, if we are here, then we are meant to be here. And that is your divine right to BE. Do not forget these words….I AM THAT I AM and I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE. These are the words that verify your divine existence. Unveil your Right to Have – This is your divine right to have access to the earth’s bounty, to have purpose and to have a wonderful life. Unveil y