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Valentine's Day - Love in the Apres-Midi

Love in the Apres-Midi In my mind, I am talking to myself in the language of is mostly Parisian French..words and feelings of walking the magical streets of Paris are in my mind...lovers kissing by the Seine...why...because I want to speak of love...amor...and discuss things of the heart = le couer...the core. And the way the French do it, it just rolls off the tongue and enters another with an alluring lanquid kiss. Thus is the magic of romance languages. For the Goddesses reading this blog, today is a great day to take a tip from the Parisian Women of the world. The ones that wear "lingerie" (another French word) and the ones who know they are beautiful, vibrant and sexy at any age. Today is your day Goddess to take back your vital essence, your juicy passion, your great pleasure, your magnificent splendor and love yourself exactly as you are. The heart is the center of all matters. It is the core of our essence as human beings, it is the connective tissue that ho

What's Love Got to do With It???

What's love got to do with it? Contrary to Tina Turner's song, love is not a secondary emotion. Love is the primary emotion, it is the healing emotion, the prospering emotion, the natural wellness and the life-force emotion. Love is the one thing we should concentrate our efforts upon, because with and from love, comes our greater or less than experience of life. There is a proverb that says..."Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life". This is perfect advice right out of the bible, reminding us to watch the way we feel, think and act and to be aware of when we are out of attunement with the truth of our greatest most loving selves. When we are out of alignment and allowing ourselves to feel less than others, or not good enough or unlovable, we open the gates to experience more of the same. When we speak ill of others or we feel too often victimized by life, then we are indulging in negative thinking which is a contrary notion to being di