The Goddess Hoops

Have I got a blessing for you....Have I got an inspiration for you!!! Have I discoverd one of the most thrilling and exciting ways to change your life, your body, your thoughts, your addictions, your strength, your confidence, your joy and your inner source of power. Yes, I have. Women, Goddesses, Girls and Mothers it is time to discover your hoop, your powerful circle, the source and the center of which you are the nucleus. Your place in the circle of life, your essence in the center of your circle and the most fun you can have as you exercise and strengthen your core. This might sound silly to you, but truly the gift is in the child hood play of a hoola hoop. The cosmic, celestial, circulating energy of the hoola hoop will open up the power center of your core, like nothing has done for you before. The sensual, sexual, stimulating motions of your hips, belly, and body in balance with the cyclic nature of your true beauty will astound you as you play with this energy more and more.

Women's Wound Care

Women’s Wound Care I chose the color purple to represent the purple heart, for those of us who have been wounded by life, to honor valor and resiliency, to remind you that you are strong, we are strong and that we have been through some heavy stuff. I honor you for the experiences you have had and the wounds you have sustained. We as women have been marginalized, just being born female automatically puts us in the category of being “other”, other meaning not a man. Although times are changing, it is a still a “man’s world”. The power continues to be in the hands of men (also known as the Patriarchy). BUT, it is also in the hands of women as we take our power back, as we acknowledge the wounds inflicted upon us and say enough!!! When we decide to honor our wounds, by acknowledging that we have been hurt, and validating our innocence, not only as victims by someone else’s hand or betrayal on a deep level, but as beings of love whose only desire was to love and be loved, and yet th

The Goddess Show - Elizabeth Stahl - gather girls


Soaring Beauty - Who, What, Where, When, How

Soaring Beauty - Who is a Soaring Beauty? You Are! Soaring Beauty - What is Soaring Beauty? It is an inexplicable delight, it is a moment, it is a state of mind and it is Divine in nature. It can be a breathtaking view of the mountain tops, a bird in flight or an inner radiance that you shine forth. You are a Soaring Beauty, when you claim it and say yes to it. When you say yes to your Self and say yes to your freedom and desires and passions and creativity and love and beauty, the Soaring Beauty within will sparkle beneath your skin. It is an infusion of self love and a gift of the Gods. Your cells become alive with your acknowledgement of this powerful emotion of truth, you feel it and you know it. You were born to be and you are gifted with unlimited moments of and access to Soaring Beauty, it is unending and ever present. Remember Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold more beauty and fill yourself up with it, it becomes you. Soaring Beauty - Where? Right here, right

The Healing Power of Praise

Forgiveness and Praise are two of the most powerful healing forces in the Universe. When you can love, forgive and praise that which is most ailing you, you build the foundation for healing and curing your problems and the problems of others. When you look to your issues as blessings and opportunities to dig deeper into your negative beliefs about yourself or others, and praise their appearance in your life as teachers, then you open the way for a new, healthier, happier experience to come forth. When in doubt praise them, be thankful for the lesson and the healing that is sure to come. Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi a well known Japanese metaphysician states in his book "You Can Heal Yourself": "These ideas of 'forgive me' and 'thank you' cure all diseases". May you be blessed abundantly

Brides, Brides, Brides - Celebrate the Divinity of your Femininity

Discover something old, something new, something borrowed and something true. Enjoy a magical evening of friendship, story-telling, laughter and blessings in honor of the Bride to be. The Goddess Party aka the Goddessy Odyssey is a special way to celebrate your bachelorette party. This is honoring your rite of passage from single girl to married woman… From Princess to Queen. An extraordinary experience awaits! For more information contact Elizabeth today

Mother's Day


Mother's Day



COURAGE I AM Courageous ~ I WILL NOT GIVE UP ~ Step by Step my courage grows deeper and stronger ~ I embrace the New and Unknown ~ I explore what is Possible without hesitation ~ The Wisdom of others Inspires me daily ~ I HAVE THE COURAGE TO LET GO OF WHO I AM FOR WHO I CAN BECOME ~ Ever Onward! ~ My strength and Resolve run deep ~ I Boldly ask for what I want ~ I surround MySelf with Courageous and Passionate People ~ I FOLLOW MY HEART ~ I give My Self permission to BE courageous ~ I act in spite of my fears ~ I choose to LIVE filled with Courage ~ I look ahead and Go For It! ~ I am no longer afraid ~ I CHOOSE TO BE POWER-FULL! Quoted from my courage blanket by affirmagy

Permission to be Soaring Beauty

If I give myself permission to be Soaring Beauty, then I have nothing to strive for because I AM already everything I would ever want to be...there is so much freedom in that. Now I just ask myself...Soaring Beauty what do you want to do today?