Women's Wound Care

Women’s Wound Care I chose the color purple to represent the purple heart, for those of us who have been wounded by life, to honor valor and resiliency, to remind you that you are strong, we are strong and that we have been through some heavy stuff. I honor you for the experiences you have had and the wounds you have sustained. We as women have been marginalized, just being born female automatically puts us in the category of being “other”, other meaning not a man. Although times are changing, it is a still a “man’s world”. The power continues to be in the hands of men (also known as the Patriarchy). BUT, it is also in the hands of women as we take our power back, as we acknowledge the wounds inflicted upon us and say enough!!! When we decide to honor our wounds, by acknowledging that we have been hurt, and validating our innocence, not only as victims by someone else’s hand or betrayal on a deep level, but as beings of love whose only desire was to love and be loved, and yet things not of love harmed us on our journey. When we look at our experiences with gentleness and love, and understand if we could have done better or if we couldn’t have done anything to change it, then we can start the journey of healing and forgiveness. Forgiveness for ourselves, for our past, for our thoughts about ourselves due to our past, due to our wounds, forgiveness for thinking you were less than or not good enough, forgiveness for thinking you must have deserved it, forgiveness for allowing others to get in your head, forgiveness for thinking you are broken, forgiveness for not feeling safe to be your authentic self for fear of being harmed again, forgiveness for harming others, forgiveness for letting your past define you. When we start to work on forgiving ourselves, then we start healing. It is time to Shatter Shame! It is time to reclaim your Goddess, your Soaring Beauty, your power and your vitality. It is time to step forward. You have the strength and you have the courage.


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