May all be released from fear and live fully and vibrantly alive

As I was doing my crunches at the JCC yesterday, I overheard a typical conversation between two women talking about disease, cancer and how someone they know is struggling with it. And I thought what can I do to heal this? There is so much pain and fear around disease that it constantly worries us in the back of our minds. How to take disease consciousness and replace it with the health and soaring beauty of vibrant life consciousness?
From that point on every crunch I did became a prayer of vibrant health and well-being to fill the minds, hearts, bodies and consciousness of all humankind. May we all be released from this fear and live fully and vibrantly alive. A(wo)men

This is what we can do: think thoughts of love, of vibrant health, flowers, birds flying, mountain ranges. Indulge in the beauty thoughts of life and share those thoughts and with our brothers and sisters and all the inhabitants of our planet, send thoughts of love and beauty to everyone in the world. Pray and bless the earth and understand our thoughts do create our reality.


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