Monday, March 23, 2009


The mission of WomanMind is to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of women; through conversation, coaching and experiential exercises.

WomanMind is a personal service that reminds women of who they are and how to heal, love and empower themselves from the inside out; It is an experience of self-discovery, re-invention and a re-awakening to our innate joy, health and fulfillment in life.

WomanMind offers a portfolio of services that includes:

One to one Personal Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Natural Health Consulting (NHC)

Group facilitaion:
My Goddess Party - a celebration of women, friendship and the feminine spirit - part women's council, part celebration, part support group and part game we all know how to play. The Goddess Party is a sacred circle for women, it is a playful and profound experience in which we delve into our connection as women by celebrating who we are, the women we came from (our mothers and grandmothers), and eachother's uniqueness and personal gifts; we indulge in delicious foods, discuss women's sacred mysteries, Goddess mythology, relationships, health, sexuality, goals and more. During the Goddess Party we are creating a special ritual to honor our wisdom, beauty, love, connection, playfulness and power as women.

The Goddess Party is perfect for celebrating happy events such as: birthdays, bachelorette and bridal showers, women's support groups, book clubs, spiritual awakenings and a Girls Night Out.
The Goddess Party is also a powerful support to women going through transitionary experiences such as: illness/cancer, divorce, grief/loss, empty nest syndrome and significant changes in their lives.

Classes and workshops on the Law of Attraction and the "Goddessy Odyssey" a women's journey of self-empowerment, self-discovery and self-esteem.

And for our younger women: Girls of Power - one to one empowerment coaching and self-esteem building for girls ages 12 and older
Girls of Power - workshops and after school programs
Girls of Power Parties - birthday parties, pre-Bat-Mitzvah celebrations, graduation, transitionary times, an invitation into the womens circle, rite of passage celebrations, honoring first menstruation.

Why the name WomanMind?
We are evolving as a human species - science, quantum physics, religion, spirituality and Human psychology are all pointing in the direction of Mind power as the next level of our mastery on earth. We are only using 5 to 10% of our mind power at best, and to evolve as a species and reap the great rewards, we must learn to control our thoughts, feelings and emotions, in so doing, we create authority and dominion over our lives and are involved consciously in creating the next level of our healthy, happy, fulfilled human experience.>

We are experiencing a spiritual renaissance on the planet NOW. It is a very significant and powerful time to be alive, unprecedented, a little scary for many yet totally exciting if you know how to see with the eyes of a higher Mind.
Women are closer to the spiritual re-awakening of our new evolved selves, this renaissance is brought forth through the creative attributes of the feminine essence, which is one of love and intuition, feelings and emotions, and activating innate principles for conjuring infinite substance into matter (another word for mother). Our feelings and emotions are the unsung heroes and strengths of this feminine principle.
We have lost touch with our directive and creative powers, they have been buried under layers of religious dogma and patriarchal persuasions. Every woman knows inside her bones that she is more powerful, beautiful, loving, happy and successful than who she is showing up as. It is because we have been shrouded under a veil we couldn't see. Discouragement is the greatest depletor of power and energy, it is the subtlest and most debilitating feeling we encounter. Courage comes from the heart, couer meaning heart in the French language, and all women have got heart, hearts bigger and greater than we often allow ourselves to express.
Therefore, it is time for women to step up their lives in a new way, to take courage and add a pinch of faith to the process, to believe until you receive, because women are the way showers to this new stage of being and must be at the forefront demonstrating the successful healing of their own lives and psyches.
It is necessary for the balance and health of women, men, children and the health of the planet as a whole, that the women - who represent the mother energy, the creators of life, the givers of love, the embodiment of beauty and the source of nourishment, nurturing, wholeness and blessings on this planet - feel empowered, safe, secure, confident, full of love and at peace.

In this program: We begin by tuning in and unveiling the stories in our minds, we then move towards releasing the stuck places and old belief patterns that no longer serve our joy, we find our inspiration and activate our powers for manifestation and self-actualization.

May there be beauty and strength within you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Letter to My Goddessy Group

Hello Beautiful Goddesses, I am thinking of you. I hope you are all doing well, and keeping your inner light and inner flame burning and bright.
If not take a moment to fan it now.....remember underneath all the fear, pain, discouragement etc. is the love, joy, and beauty of your eternal self.

I have never known such a fearful time in the collective consciousness of our human nature, as I am seeing and feeling now. I feel it personally in my own life and feel it all around me. Even some of the other psychics and healers I know are feeling pulled down with the economy and the increase of fear and despair around them. As enlightened beings (which we all are), it is our job to constantly pull ourselves out of that darkness, brush ourselves off, fan our flames, and remember who we really are on the inside - GODDESS EMBODIED. VIBRATIONAL BEINGS, BEAUTIES OF THE GODDESSY KIND. POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVABLE, WHOLE, PERFECT AND STRONG. I am that I am that I AM. The economy has nothing to do with the beings we are on the inside, and as we all know, what we believe on the inside is what we create on the outside. Remember who you are on the inside and remember also, that you have a real and important purpose on this planet at this time, and that purpose includes the upliftment of the whole, which begins with the upliftment of yourself.

Our true path for this life, I believe, is to become more and more spiritually awakened. To find that place of peace that is beyond description, what some call Elysium and others call Nirvana, and others call Heaven on Earth or the Garden of Eden.
The test it seems is to walk through the labyrinth of life and meet the challenges with faith, trust and belief in yourself and your natural state of well-being. It is to remember that we are more than our bodies and this heavy, dark and dense reality, it is to remember that we are made of energy, vibrational energy, and we are encoded with love and that within this energetic knowledge is the key to Heaven on Earth. It is to be whole in the face of lack and to prove that lack to be untrue. It is to be peaceful in the midst of chaos and to see that chaos as a false reality. It is to stay in tune with love, the true essence of love that is within you and me and all beings, in the midst of fear, panic and hate - Love is the truth within all beings, Love is the only answer. Love is always the answer. Love your enemy because it is a reflection of you. Love your situation because it is a reflection of you. Love everything and say yes to it, because it is in your life as part of your creation. Own it, and then you will own yourself.

And if nothing else, then just remind yourself, it feels so much better to be happy than it does to be sad or lonely or despairing. So find the happy thoughts within yourself and go from there. This is your life, You Choose.

Our journey it is to remember our true nature is one of JOY, and if you can just go a layer deeper, under the surface of your pain and fear, you will find a joyful spirit of life, love and beauty there. A little sprite, a grinning fairy, an elegant, radiant rose.

Is this magical thinking????? I don't think so, I do believe we are in the game of life, figuring out the keys, the symbolic, metaphorical, spiritual keys as we go along and I believe in the game of life that we are evolving as human beings and just awakening globally to the idea that we are more than we think we are and it is the critical moment to grab that golden key. I believe we are getting close to winning the game, even though it seems like we aren't.
It's as if the challenge is so great, the obstacles so intense that it is easier to give up and give in, not knowing that the victory is actually so close at hand.

Our affirmations of our deeper truth are even more necessary now, to hold the light in your being, so it radiates. Thank Goddess for the sunshine and warmth of the on-coming spring, for we need more light to help us with our own. One candle flame can light up an entire room. Take your Beauty Walks Goddesses!!!! Repeating words of faith, love, joy, power etc. Say your mantras daily, hourly and in the moment, to help them become your living truth. In fact they are our living truth, but our minds have forgotten this truth and needs to be convinced of its truth. We are building our muscles of power, inner beauty, radiance, health, love and natural well-being. We are awakening our Goddess Bodies and minds and spirits, and it is a challenge in these turbulent times, but we are in the right place and the right time to do it.
Have faith in divine timing, by having faith in your divine selves.

I just returned from Aruba where I had a nice vacation with my family, interestingly though, even the weather there was off. We had a few rainy days, and Aruban weather is usually perfect at this time of year.
Now that I am back I want to start focusing on a new class for the Spring. There are only two of you are able to continue - which means at the moment there are not enough people to continue our particular group's class.....but I have faith that other amazing Goddessy women will be interested in the Goddess journey, as it is such a powerful time to be connected and supported and reminded of our beautiful, innocent, significant and important selves.

So for now, I am going to do a little P.R. and see if we can pull a group together for the beginning of April rather than mid-March as I had originally hoped for.

I will send an email about the class soon, and even if you cannot join us this Spring, I hope you will share the beauty of this work with other women you know who may enjoy it and benefit from a weekly gathering of Goddessy support and inspiration.

I am interested in hearing from you, I would love to know how each of you is doing and to recieve some more testimonials about our class from those of you I haven't heard from and if you have some feedback about this email too, I would like to hear it.

Lots of love and Goddessy blessings to you my sisters,
Elizabeth the bella, beauty Goddess of absolute joy, love, power and peace. (I will be working on it, hehehee!)

May there be Beauty and Strength within you!

Let's have some more Goddess Parties!!