Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - Love in the Apres-Midi

Love in the Apres-Midi

In my mind, I am talking to myself in the language of is mostly Parisian French..words and feelings of walking the magical streets of Paris are in my mind...lovers kissing by the Seine...why...because I want to speak of love...amor...and discuss things of the heart = le couer...the core. And the way the French do it, it just rolls off the tongue and enters another with an alluring lanquid kiss. Thus is the magic of romance languages.

For the Goddesses reading this blog, today is a great day to take a tip from the Parisian Women of the world. The ones that wear "lingerie" (another French word) and the ones who know they are beautiful, vibrant and sexy at any age.
Today is your day Goddess to take back your vital essence, your juicy passion, your great pleasure, your magnificent splendor and love yourself exactly as you are.

The heart is the center of all matters. It is the core of our essence as human beings, it is the connective tissue that holds us together, it is the blessing of life within each of us. Love is the breath of our existence. The courage to live is the same as the courage to love, and it comes from within. Couer the french word for heart is also the base word for Courage.

Today being Valentine's Day, is the perfect day to remind ourselves and others just how much we love. How full of courage we are and to allow our ebullent heart forces to flow. Whether you are single, coupled or somewhere in between - Honor the beauty, power, and passion of the truth of your love by loving yourself courageously today. (and everyday)

Remember Goddess You are the coolest woman in the room!

Celebrate the beauty of your love and the loveliness that comes from your heart.

You are a great treasure and a phenomenal beauty. Welcome to the language of love.

Happy Heart day

May there be beauty and strength within you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's Love Got to do With It???

What's love got to do with it?
Contrary to Tina Turner's song, love is not a secondary emotion.
Love is the primary emotion, it is the healing emotion, the prospering emotion, the natural wellness and the life-force emotion.
Love is the one thing we should concentrate our efforts upon, because with and from love, comes our greater or less than experience of life.

There is a proverb that says..."Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life".

This is perfect advice right out of the bible, reminding us to watch the way we feel, think and act and to be aware of when we are out of attunement with the truth of our greatest most loving selves. When we are out of alignment and allowing ourselves to feel less than others, or not good enough or unlovable, we open the gates to experience more of the same. When we speak ill of others or we feel too often victimized by life, then we are indulging in negative thinking which is a contrary notion to being diligent with our hearts. When we express too much uncontrolled emotion about ourselves and others, we are not protecting what is precious, instead we are opening the floodgates and consequently creating more of the negative issues of life.
Being diligent of your heart, means that you are watching out for your own goodness, value and worth, it means you are protecting what is precious and evoking the good in your life, it means that you are remembering your true self and your value and worth, allowing your natural source of wellness to be the truth of your existence. It allows you to feel good about who you are, exactly as you are, which is already perfect.

Being diligent with your heart takes effort and practice, that is why it is stated as such, to be diligent means to be awake, focused and poised, to be prepared to combat and push out the lesser emotions of fear, anger and negativity. When a negative thought or emotion shows up, the diligent person will swipe it away and remind oneself of their inherent truth, beauty, power, life-force and love, which is the core and center of their being, it is the truth of who we all are, each of us are in truth precious, good and whole and of equal value.

The problem with love is the mass mis-understanding of it. We look for love in others, to show us or prove to us that we are lovable. But that seeking never fulfills your heart, it is a seeking for something outside of yourself to tell you that you are O.K., it is equivalent to running in circles. Even when you find love, it can act as an elixer for a time, but eventually you are right back where you started, unless you have unleashed your powerful love for yourself from within. The key to life and love is to know you are already O.K. on the inside, that you are truly perfect as you are. When you come from a place within you that knows your value and worth, and you love yourself with all your heart, as you would love and protect a new born baby or a precious child, then you are in the place of being whole, found, satiated and brimming with love. In a quote from the 'Call of the Goddess', she states "If that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without". The only love that anyone should be concerned with is the love that they have for themselves, and this means to love yourself from the inside out. The way we love, value, honor and cherish our selves, our lives, our bodies and spirits,as well as the entire planet and cosmos, is the way we will be perceived in the world and the way to our own life's glorious fulfillment.

Love sets off powerful chemicals in the body that heal, that nourish, that attract and that can cleanse your body, mind and spirit of negativity and dis-ease. Dis-ease being a construct of the mind, is an uneasiness of mind, that reeks havoc and uncertainty on your perfection and ability to feel healthy, vibrant and loved. Dis-ease is first apparent in your thoughts before it steps down into the body and spreads throughout your physicality.
To be diligent with your heart, is another way of being diligent with your mind, thinking loving thoughts about yourself,is the way to health, love and fruitfulness in all aspects of your life.

Remember anything other than love is fear - in whatever form it takes. Anything less than love is just less, it is a less than loving experience of your life and it is not good enough for you, me or any-body.

Imagine being free of limiting self-thought, including the negative emotions you hold about yourself and others. Imagine being open to the limitless experience of love, which is another word for life, and all the beauty and wonder it has in store for you. You have the power within to take the steps necessary to change your life from the inside out, and love for yourself, regardless of your situation in life, has everything to do with it.

Every human being on the planet is being initiated in the lessons of love. We are all on board this ship of life, to learn how to love ourselves, our world, and our source of life with pure unconditional energy, from a place of truth about our inherent value and our divine worth as individual sparks of Divine Life.

There is a unity we have as human beings, each of us is born as a pure embodiment of love, we come with the same value and worth as anyone else in existence, with our own special talents, purpose and influence. Each of us is born to love and be loved, because love is essential to life, essentially love is life and life is love. Those who do not love freely and feel un-loved are those who contribute to the fearful and dis-eased minds on our planet. Unfortunately, we all have a touch of that false medicine we swallow everyday, and as a whole of humanity we continuously contribute to the sickness of eachother and our planet through our collective false feelings of not being good enough.

We are under a cloud of pain, struggle, hardship, victim-hood, unfairness, hurt, longing, unrest, aggression, anger, sadness, grief, lack etc. In our initiation of love, we must break through those clouds and understand that love is our birthright, and no matter what we have thought, felt or done in our past, that keeps us from loving ourselves, we are more than those emotions and actions. We are the wholeness life, here to experience love, and become pure in mind, body and spirit as we were intended to be. To experience this we must begin with ourselves, we must learn to shut off the negative and go within to the precious, powerful, radiant life force within and love from that place. We have all heard that you can't love another until you can love yourself. Find your love-ability and stir up those healing chemicals within every cell of your being.
Keep your heart with all diligence and activate your life-force, to create with you your greatest, healthiest, happiest and most abundant experience of life.

May there be beauty and strength within you!