Saturday, October 20, 2007

Women’s Wellness and Wisdom - The Power of the Goddess Party

Women’s Wellness and Wisdom

The Power of the Goddess Party

After ten years of facilitating the Goddess Party this is what I have learned. Women everywhere are looking for the vein of Gold within them. Many of my clients are searching for their rightful place, their rightful mates and the truth and beauty in their lives. They are in need of more laughter, ways to play and places to unravel their wisdom, power and great loving spirits. Many women are quietly desperate just waiting to be seen, heard and valued for being exactly who they are. What I know and have discovered in this last decade is that in order to find that which they seek, they must be willing to go within and find it in themselves. This is the power of the Goddess Party - it is a woman’s magical place to relax, find her answers and reconnect to her inner source of wellness and wisdom.

If you need clarity in your life, if you want deeper connections with your friends, if you are looking for more support, celebration, harmony, balance and a greater sense of wellness as a woman, then look to discover who and what supports you. There are many gifts to be accessed through the act of reaching out and asking for what you need. The catalyst to let go of the old and breathe in the “new you” could be within the combined wisdom of your circle of friends.

Elizabeth reached out with her Goddess cards and touched my very soul in a way that profoundly impacted my future.
Patte Woodson Life Coach

Because the Goddess Party is part celebration, part coaching circle and part women’s council, it is a unique experience that stands on its own within the psychology and emotional empowerment of women. I have heard from women from all over the country about how the Goddess Party has changed their lives. How after experiencing this sacred circle many women begin to see themselves through different eyes, through eyes of greater self-love, acceptance and a renewed appreciation for their own inner beauty, wisdom and vitality as women. This is because there is a powerful spark within all women that is strengthened and expressed within our shared stories, our powerful bonds of friendship and in the recognition of the truth and beauty we all share as we walk the world as Women.

I hired Elizabeth Stahl to give my best friend a goddess party for her 40th birthday. Liz flew out to Napa Valley, California and gave the most wonderful, sacred gift my girlfriend could receive. We all had an experience that not only brought us together as friends, but changed our lives as the goddesses we all are. I recommend this Goddess party to all my friends for all types of occasions or just as the occasion to celebrate being a woman.
Jacqueline Goldman
Malibu, CA

There is an acceleration of women’s influence ascending throughout our society where women are designing their own lives, handling it all and stepping up to the place of their sovereignty. With statistics mirroring the fact that 51% of all adult women in the United States are single, it is truly time to weigh in our worth and know who and what we are here to be, do and have. It is rapidly becoming apparent that we are now living in a woman’s world and it is time to allow ourselves to take the stage of our lives in our true place of power, prosperity, love, health, beauty and truth. This is the age of women learning to value themselves in all ways; it is time for women to shine brightly and fully access their resources of support as they step forward.

Picking my Goddess card allowed me to honor my decision with my family…and move toward my vision of my dreams.

Our greatest sense of health and wellness is akin to the state of our self-love and self-worth. For so many women, access to this personal power has been buried by years of denial and neglect, for some it is buried so deep that it needs to be re-discovered and invited to come forth. The Goddess Party is a first step to opening a woman to the wealth of her worth.

There is a very deep place within every woman that remembers herself in the company of other women. It is ancient in our bloodlines to reconnect with this powerful source of women’s wellness and ancient wisdom within the circle of feminine energy. As we honor each woman in the circle, we listen for the stories and names of her ancestors, reminding each other of where we have come from, who we are now and who we want to become. Permission is granted to all to remember the wholeness of our hearts, dreams and desires. Permission is granted within the circle of women to be all that we are and to allow ourselves to become even more than we thought possible. There is laughter and tears and everything in between as women uncover the depths of their powerful abundance. The embodiment of truth and beauty, wisdom and love is the majesty and grace of the Goddess Party, the sacred celebration of every woman.