Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reunion - ReUnion? Re-UNION!

This is so worthy of a blog post.
Reunions are happening, today I am going to my 25th Cambridge School of Weston high school reunion and my dad is going to his high school's 60th.

The funny thing is that I have had to talk three people off the fence to get them to this particular reunion, and because of that and my own experiences with past reunions, I have a lot to say about the significance of the showing up and being present for this experience.

In the past five years, I have been to quite a few reunions, some of which I never thought I would EVER attend. My 20th public high school reunion, I definitely needed some talking off the fence for, actually I needed to be drawn off of the bathroom floor where I was crying and feeling like I couldn't go. The same was true for my camp reunion last summer, where I hadn't seen any of these people for 27 years and in my heart I wanted to go but at the same time I wasn't sure if I could actually get myself there. In both cases, it took some serious luring.

The funny thing is that both of these particular reunions ended up being THE MOST FUN TIMES OF MY LIFE. And I promise you, I have had a very fun, adventurous and fulfilling life. I realize this is a pretty extraordinary statement to be making about reunions, but it is true. After my camp reunion, I wrote to those who were there and expressed how meaningful it was. I wrote "I now know the true meaning of the word abundance, there are more than 100 people out there who love me for exactly who I am and I love them right back". That my friends, IS true abundance.

The reunion experience gets deep into your cells, it draws you back to parts you may have left behind for better or for worse, and in this drawing back you discover all is healed of the past, and that you are valued and appreciated for who you are. If your present in is need of healing, you will get a dose of that too.

To get to a reunion, you have got to really gear yourself up for it.
I spent two and a half hours last night, until almost 3 am and another hour today, talking to my friend about this as her fear was so intense, it was as if I was talking her into jumping off the grand canyon, and yet, she loved her time at that school as much as I did.

I understand her fears, we are all afraid of not being seen as the young, independent, full of life and potential people we were back then. Our insecurities of who we are now and how our lives have turned out, on top of the social aspects of our popularity or lack thereof when we were carousing with these classmates or campers of the past, adds to the emotional mess we can get mired in.

There is also the sense that many of us may carry as women, where we are now in our mid-life years and not the same spirited and full of life girls we were in our youth. Many of us wish we could lose those extra few pounds, have the right job, career, husband, children, creative spark and fearless nature we may have had back then. I am 43 yrs, and I have been feeling lately that I have lost a certain joie de vivre, a free-spiritedness or vitality that I once possessed and am still known for from my childhood. My literature teacher at the Cambridge School always called me a Blythe Spirit, he wrote it on every report card and in my yearbook too. My fear is that maybe once these people see me, they will realize that I grew up to be a loser, the blythe spirit left behind on Georgian Road. I didn't conquer the world and I am struggling to find my way, in many ways my life is a complete mess right now, when back then I wasn't really struggling at all....I just was.

The myriad of fear based thoughts swirling through our heads that trip us up and all the excuses we have for not wanting to be seen are unique to each of us, we all have our own demons. But there are two very powerful things I have learned in my last five years of reunions. I have been to two reunions for my public high school, these are the ones I never thought I would go to, my second Cambridge School reunion is today and the one biggie, the weekend long reunion for camp which was my all time favorite last summer. The common thread? All were wickedly fun and totally worth it, even my lame 20th with only five people in attendance.

Here is the first mind-blower...almost everyone else feels like you. And the sad thing is that because so many people are stuck in their fear they choose not to come. Their excuses are varied, they are too busy or don't want to go back in time, but the truth is....that it takes you to be there, to be courageous enough to go anyhow, to just show up...because without you there is no party! And most likely people will be asking eachother if they have seen or heard from you, wishing you were there...and even more likely, in retrospect, once you hear of those who did show up, there will be a part of you who wished you had gone,,,you would have had a blast!

Everyone who shows up is essential to the experience, just as you were essential to the experience back then. For those who show up, they are often surprised at how great it is to be seen by those who knew them before....before they were married or divorced, before they turned to alcohol or drugs just to deal with the day, or lost the 20 lbs or gained the 20lbs, before they either made it big or fell from grace into a pool of self-pity or grew into their self-esteem. The people of your reunion are there to re-connect to you and themselves in every way.

If you had a sordid past in your school years and you show up, believe me you will be forgiven for all, if you had unrequited love with someone, you may find out they loved you too but didn't know how to show it, if you influenced somebody's life in a particular way by something you said or did, they have a chance to tell you how much your presence meant to them, and the stories and memories that unfold are hilarious, heart-warming and true. Any of the fears you hold will be melted away, as a new appreciation for your past is brought forth.

Those who knew you when, still know the essence of who you are to this day. You really haven't changed all that much. The heart you carried within you is still the heart you have now. Your peers take you at face value, they are happy to see you because of you! And even if you weren't friends once upon a time, you were still there as a part of the mix, a microcosm in the macrocosm, creating the memories you all have in common, this is what unifies you.

But here is the most profound is where the spiritual teacher and seeker in me comes to light.

The reunion has a deeper meaning hidden within the word itself. Re-union, this is not only about your classmates, camp mates or others, this is about you!
There is a spirit of life within you that has always been there, as I mentioned earlier, the essence of you never changes. You may have changed due to your life's circumstances but the truth and beauty and innocence of who you were in your youth is still the truth and beauty and innocence of who you are now.

As we get holder and drawn into the responsibilities of adulthood, many of us lose an element of our essential nature. We have more fears, doubts, burdens and issues. We become more selfish or too self-less. We let go of our dreams and desires and make compromises with life. We are drained, tired, sick, imbalanced, mental and emotional wrecks. But, we are never truly lost, all paths lead to the same place, and being reminded of who you are in the eyes of those who knew you is sometimes the best remedy for your current circumstances. Sometimes we may find ourselves on the path most challenging en-route to our whole selves and we feel lost, completely and utterly lost, as I do now and have felt many times in my life, but the truth is you can find yourself again in an instant and choose to get back on the path that nourishes you. Deciding to be who you are is a very good first step, being seen for who you are in the eyes of someone who remembers you, is a great mirror to help you re-direct your compass.

Or maybe things are great now, and you didn't like who you were back then, and don't want to revisit it. That is okay too.
I don't want anyone to feel disheartened by this article if their high school years were their worst years and they are much better, happier, stronger and more confident now. To them I say, hooray, you have passed through some of your childhood struggles and are a successful happy adult,which is a great fete. But even if high school or camp was not your best time, you were a part of the mix, you were an essential element to the growth of all those around you. And the child you were then, was and is still precious, although those around you may not have seen it at the time. For you, showing up at your reunion is a time to be seen for who you truly are and a place where the old unsatisfactory version of yourself can be melted away for good.

Contrarily, for the others who were the stars of their past, who are not presently starring in a role they like or feel comfortable with, it is a great boost to be reminded of your true essence, your true passions, where you excelled and how you impacted the world around you by being yourself. You can take those truths of your past to remind you again of your-self, to find those strengths and passions once again and reclaim the life you deserve, your strengths, love and passion are needed in this world and can be utilized in a new way that fulfills your life. Playing small in your life is not what you are here for, you are here to be as great as your dreams can take you.
Reclaiming, reinventing, reinstating, re-establishing, regenerating, responding, reorganizing, recreating, re-calibrating, restoring, Re-Uniting.

This reunion stuff is very profound!!!!!

If you are invited to a reunion, you need to know that you belong there....there is nothing about you that doesn't belong. Even if you show up at the last minute, there will be plenty of people to welcome you, who will be so happy that you took the plunge and made the effort to arrive.

Whether you were rejected or rejoiced in the time of your youth, your presence was perfect, you are who you are because of it and you are called to step forward once again in all your magical youth and beauty that still remains within you,you show up and are reminded of who you are as you unify with the truth and essential nature of your spirit.

With love and encouragement,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brides, Brides, Brides

Celebrate the Divinity of your Femininity with a Goddessy Odyssey

Discover something old, something new, something borrowed and something true.

Enjoy a magical evening of friendship, story-telling, laughter and blessings in honor of the Bride to be.

The Goddess Party aka the Goddessy Odyssey is a special way to celebrate your bachelorette party. This is honoring your rite of passage from single girl to married woman… From Princess to Queen.

An extraordinary experience awaits!

For more information contact Elizabeth today

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Goddess Bride - Bachelorette Parties with meaning

Honest to Goddess, the bachelorette parties of the past are thankfully where they belong, in the past. The Girls Night Out to get drunk, to see male strippers and to use the upcoming marriage as an excuse for indulgent debaucherous behavior, I wouldn’t care to do at anytime anyhow, is now kept in the hands of the younger generation. I am so thankful I have graduated that realm, they will learn. With time comes greater things.

One of the beauties of maturity is the understanding of what has meaning and true value in our lives. Our friendships for instance, are one of the things we have grown to love and trust from a deep well of experience. By the time you reach your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, you have truly discovered what a good friend is all about. You have weeded out those who didn’t match your love and integrity and truth and held onto the ones who really know and love you for exactly who you are. A great friend is a life boat, a person to share your deepest darkest secrets with, she holds your fears and your successes. She laughs with you and cries with you and encourages you always. Your joy is her joy and your happiness supports her happiness too. Our good and best female friends are more like sisters, they keep us on our toes and are always part of our inner family.

When you reach that time and place in your life when you are ready to take that next great step into marriage, who else would you want by your side blessing you, honoring you, celebrating you and your many years of friendship together?

I know from my own experience, in the countless bachelorette parties and bridal showers that I have facilitated. There is nothing more meaningful to a bride and her dearest friends than a time and place for them to gather together, in a circle of love and share their deepest hopes and dreams for eachother and bless the journey ahead.

In the Goddess Party, we laugh, we cry, we talk, we share, we create a special ceremony for the bride to be and we celebrate the beauty and power of being of woman. We honor our strengths and we support our choices and we remember that as women we have a lot of sacred mysteries hidden deep within. It is the Red Tent and it is available for brides everywhere.

An extraordinary experience awaits!

Monday, March 23, 2009


The mission of WomanMind is to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of women; through conversation, coaching and experiential exercises.

WomanMind is a personal service that reminds women of who they are and how to heal, love and empower themselves from the inside out; It is an experience of self-discovery, re-invention and a re-awakening to our innate joy, health and fulfillment in life.

WomanMind offers a portfolio of services that includes:

One to one Personal Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Natural Health Consulting (NHC)

Group facilitaion:
My Goddess Party - a celebration of women, friendship and the feminine spirit - part women's council, part celebration, part support group and part game we all know how to play. The Goddess Party is a sacred circle for women, it is a playful and profound experience in which we delve into our connection as women by celebrating who we are, the women we came from (our mothers and grandmothers), and eachother's uniqueness and personal gifts; we indulge in delicious foods, discuss women's sacred mysteries, Goddess mythology, relationships, health, sexuality, goals and more. During the Goddess Party we are creating a special ritual to honor our wisdom, beauty, love, connection, playfulness and power as women.

The Goddess Party is perfect for celebrating happy events such as: birthdays, bachelorette and bridal showers, women's support groups, book clubs, spiritual awakenings and a Girls Night Out.
The Goddess Party is also a powerful support to women going through transitionary experiences such as: illness/cancer, divorce, grief/loss, empty nest syndrome and significant changes in their lives.

Classes and workshops on the Law of Attraction and the "Goddessy Odyssey" a women's journey of self-empowerment, self-discovery and self-esteem.

And for our younger women: Girls of Power - one to one empowerment coaching and self-esteem building for girls ages 12 and older
Girls of Power - workshops and after school programs
Girls of Power Parties - birthday parties, pre-Bat-Mitzvah celebrations, graduation, transitionary times, an invitation into the womens circle, rite of passage celebrations, honoring first menstruation.

Why the name WomanMind?
We are evolving as a human species - science, quantum physics, religion, spirituality and Human psychology are all pointing in the direction of Mind power as the next level of our mastery on earth. We are only using 5 to 10% of our mind power at best, and to evolve as a species and reap the great rewards, we must learn to control our thoughts, feelings and emotions, in so doing, we create authority and dominion over our lives and are involved consciously in creating the next level of our healthy, happy, fulfilled human experience.>

We are experiencing a spiritual renaissance on the planet NOW. It is a very significant and powerful time to be alive, unprecedented, a little scary for many yet totally exciting if you know how to see with the eyes of a higher Mind.
Women are closer to the spiritual re-awakening of our new evolved selves, this renaissance is brought forth through the creative attributes of the feminine essence, which is one of love and intuition, feelings and emotions, and activating innate principles for conjuring infinite substance into matter (another word for mother). Our feelings and emotions are the unsung heroes and strengths of this feminine principle.
We have lost touch with our directive and creative powers, they have been buried under layers of religious dogma and patriarchal persuasions. Every woman knows inside her bones that she is more powerful, beautiful, loving, happy and successful than who she is showing up as. It is because we have been shrouded under a veil we couldn't see. Discouragement is the greatest depletor of power and energy, it is the subtlest and most debilitating feeling we encounter. Courage comes from the heart, couer meaning heart in the French language, and all women have got heart, hearts bigger and greater than we often allow ourselves to express.
Therefore, it is time for women to step up their lives in a new way, to take courage and add a pinch of faith to the process, to believe until you receive, because women are the way showers to this new stage of being and must be at the forefront demonstrating the successful healing of their own lives and psyches.
It is necessary for the balance and health of women, men, children and the health of the planet as a whole, that the women - who represent the mother energy, the creators of life, the givers of love, the embodiment of beauty and the source of nourishment, nurturing, wholeness and blessings on this planet - feel empowered, safe, secure, confident, full of love and at peace.

In this program: We begin by tuning in and unveiling the stories in our minds, we then move towards releasing the stuck places and old belief patterns that no longer serve our joy, we find our inspiration and activate our powers for manifestation and self-actualization.

May there be beauty and strength within you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Letter to My Goddessy Group

Hello Beautiful Goddesses, I am thinking of you. I hope you are all doing well, and keeping your inner light and inner flame burning and bright.
If not take a moment to fan it now.....remember underneath all the fear, pain, discouragement etc. is the love, joy, and beauty of your eternal self.

I have never known such a fearful time in the collective consciousness of our human nature, as I am seeing and feeling now. I feel it personally in my own life and feel it all around me. Even some of the other psychics and healers I know are feeling pulled down with the economy and the increase of fear and despair around them. As enlightened beings (which we all are), it is our job to constantly pull ourselves out of that darkness, brush ourselves off, fan our flames, and remember who we really are on the inside - GODDESS EMBODIED. VIBRATIONAL BEINGS, BEAUTIES OF THE GODDESSY KIND. POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVABLE, WHOLE, PERFECT AND STRONG. I am that I am that I AM. The economy has nothing to do with the beings we are on the inside, and as we all know, what we believe on the inside is what we create on the outside. Remember who you are on the inside and remember also, that you have a real and important purpose on this planet at this time, and that purpose includes the upliftment of the whole, which begins with the upliftment of yourself.

Our true path for this life, I believe, is to become more and more spiritually awakened. To find that place of peace that is beyond description, what some call Elysium and others call Nirvana, and others call Heaven on Earth or the Garden of Eden.
The test it seems is to walk through the labyrinth of life and meet the challenges with faith, trust and belief in yourself and your natural state of well-being. It is to remember that we are more than our bodies and this heavy, dark and dense reality, it is to remember that we are made of energy, vibrational energy, and we are encoded with love and that within this energetic knowledge is the key to Heaven on Earth. It is to be whole in the face of lack and to prove that lack to be untrue. It is to be peaceful in the midst of chaos and to see that chaos as a false reality. It is to stay in tune with love, the true essence of love that is within you and me and all beings, in the midst of fear, panic and hate - Love is the truth within all beings, Love is the only answer. Love is always the answer. Love your enemy because it is a reflection of you. Love your situation because it is a reflection of you. Love everything and say yes to it, because it is in your life as part of your creation. Own it, and then you will own yourself.

And if nothing else, then just remind yourself, it feels so much better to be happy than it does to be sad or lonely or despairing. So find the happy thoughts within yourself and go from there. This is your life, You Choose.

Our journey it is to remember our true nature is one of JOY, and if you can just go a layer deeper, under the surface of your pain and fear, you will find a joyful spirit of life, love and beauty there. A little sprite, a grinning fairy, an elegant, radiant rose.

Is this magical thinking????? I don't think so, I do believe we are in the game of life, figuring out the keys, the symbolic, metaphorical, spiritual keys as we go along and I believe in the game of life that we are evolving as human beings and just awakening globally to the idea that we are more than we think we are and it is the critical moment to grab that golden key. I believe we are getting close to winning the game, even though it seems like we aren't.
It's as if the challenge is so great, the obstacles so intense that it is easier to give up and give in, not knowing that the victory is actually so close at hand.

Our affirmations of our deeper truth are even more necessary now, to hold the light in your being, so it radiates. Thank Goddess for the sunshine and warmth of the on-coming spring, for we need more light to help us with our own. One candle flame can light up an entire room. Take your Beauty Walks Goddesses!!!! Repeating words of faith, love, joy, power etc. Say your mantras daily, hourly and in the moment, to help them become your living truth. In fact they are our living truth, but our minds have forgotten this truth and needs to be convinced of its truth. We are building our muscles of power, inner beauty, radiance, health, love and natural well-being. We are awakening our Goddess Bodies and minds and spirits, and it is a challenge in these turbulent times, but we are in the right place and the right time to do it.
Have faith in divine timing, by having faith in your divine selves.

I just returned from Aruba where I had a nice vacation with my family, interestingly though, even the weather there was off. We had a few rainy days, and Aruban weather is usually perfect at this time of year.
Now that I am back I want to start focusing on a new class for the Spring. There are only two of you are able to continue - which means at the moment there are not enough people to continue our particular group's class.....but I have faith that other amazing Goddessy women will be interested in the Goddess journey, as it is such a powerful time to be connected and supported and reminded of our beautiful, innocent, significant and important selves.

So for now, I am going to do a little P.R. and see if we can pull a group together for the beginning of April rather than mid-March as I had originally hoped for.

I will send an email about the class soon, and even if you cannot join us this Spring, I hope you will share the beauty of this work with other women you know who may enjoy it and benefit from a weekly gathering of Goddessy support and inspiration.

I am interested in hearing from you, I would love to know how each of you is doing and to recieve some more testimonials about our class from those of you I haven't heard from and if you have some feedback about this email too, I would like to hear it.

Lots of love and Goddessy blessings to you my sisters,
Elizabeth the bella, beauty Goddess of absolute joy, love, power and peace. (I will be working on it, hehehee!)

May there be Beauty and Strength within you!

Let's have some more Goddess Parties!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - Love in the Apres-Midi

Love in the Apres-Midi

In my mind, I am talking to myself in the language of is mostly Parisian French..words and feelings of walking the magical streets of Paris are in my mind...lovers kissing by the Seine...why...because I want to speak of love...amor...and discuss things of the heart = le couer...the core. And the way the French do it, it just rolls off the tongue and enters another with an alluring lanquid kiss. Thus is the magic of romance languages.

For the Goddesses reading this blog, today is a great day to take a tip from the Parisian Women of the world. The ones that wear "lingerie" (another French word) and the ones who know they are beautiful, vibrant and sexy at any age.
Today is your day Goddess to take back your vital essence, your juicy passion, your great pleasure, your magnificent splendor and love yourself exactly as you are.

The heart is the center of all matters. It is the core of our essence as human beings, it is the connective tissue that holds us together, it is the blessing of life within each of us. Love is the breath of our existence. The courage to live is the same as the courage to love, and it comes from within. Couer the french word for heart is also the base word for Courage.

Today being Valentine's Day, is the perfect day to remind ourselves and others just how much we love. How full of courage we are and to allow our ebullent heart forces to flow. Whether you are single, coupled or somewhere in between - Honor the beauty, power, and passion of the truth of your love by loving yourself courageously today. (and everyday)

Remember Goddess You are the coolest woman in the room!

Celebrate the beauty of your love and the loveliness that comes from your heart.

You are a great treasure and a phenomenal beauty. Welcome to the language of love.

Happy Heart day

May there be beauty and strength within you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's Love Got to do With It???

What's love got to do with it?
Contrary to Tina Turner's song, love is not a secondary emotion.
Love is the primary emotion, it is the healing emotion, the prospering emotion, the natural wellness and the life-force emotion.
Love is the one thing we should concentrate our efforts upon, because with and from love, comes our greater or less than experience of life.

There is a proverb that says..."Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life".

This is perfect advice right out of the bible, reminding us to watch the way we feel, think and act and to be aware of when we are out of attunement with the truth of our greatest most loving selves. When we are out of alignment and allowing ourselves to feel less than others, or not good enough or unlovable, we open the gates to experience more of the same. When we speak ill of others or we feel too often victimized by life, then we are indulging in negative thinking which is a contrary notion to being diligent with our hearts. When we express too much uncontrolled emotion about ourselves and others, we are not protecting what is precious, instead we are opening the floodgates and consequently creating more of the negative issues of life.
Being diligent of your heart, means that you are watching out for your own goodness, value and worth, it means you are protecting what is precious and evoking the good in your life, it means that you are remembering your true self and your value and worth, allowing your natural source of wellness to be the truth of your existence. It allows you to feel good about who you are, exactly as you are, which is already perfect.

Being diligent with your heart takes effort and practice, that is why it is stated as such, to be diligent means to be awake, focused and poised, to be prepared to combat and push out the lesser emotions of fear, anger and negativity. When a negative thought or emotion shows up, the diligent person will swipe it away and remind oneself of their inherent truth, beauty, power, life-force and love, which is the core and center of their being, it is the truth of who we all are, each of us are in truth precious, good and whole and of equal value.

The problem with love is the mass mis-understanding of it. We look for love in others, to show us or prove to us that we are lovable. But that seeking never fulfills your heart, it is a seeking for something outside of yourself to tell you that you are O.K., it is equivalent to running in circles. Even when you find love, it can act as an elixer for a time, but eventually you are right back where you started, unless you have unleashed your powerful love for yourself from within. The key to life and love is to know you are already O.K. on the inside, that you are truly perfect as you are. When you come from a place within you that knows your value and worth, and you love yourself with all your heart, as you would love and protect a new born baby or a precious child, then you are in the place of being whole, found, satiated and brimming with love. In a quote from the 'Call of the Goddess', she states "If that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without". The only love that anyone should be concerned with is the love that they have for themselves, and this means to love yourself from the inside out. The way we love, value, honor and cherish our selves, our lives, our bodies and spirits,as well as the entire planet and cosmos, is the way we will be perceived in the world and the way to our own life's glorious fulfillment.

Love sets off powerful chemicals in the body that heal, that nourish, that attract and that can cleanse your body, mind and spirit of negativity and dis-ease. Dis-ease being a construct of the mind, is an uneasiness of mind, that reeks havoc and uncertainty on your perfection and ability to feel healthy, vibrant and loved. Dis-ease is first apparent in your thoughts before it steps down into the body and spreads throughout your physicality.
To be diligent with your heart, is another way of being diligent with your mind, thinking loving thoughts about yourself,is the way to health, love and fruitfulness in all aspects of your life.

Remember anything other than love is fear - in whatever form it takes. Anything less than love is just less, it is a less than loving experience of your life and it is not good enough for you, me or any-body.

Imagine being free of limiting self-thought, including the negative emotions you hold about yourself and others. Imagine being open to the limitless experience of love, which is another word for life, and all the beauty and wonder it has in store for you. You have the power within to take the steps necessary to change your life from the inside out, and love for yourself, regardless of your situation in life, has everything to do with it.

Every human being on the planet is being initiated in the lessons of love. We are all on board this ship of life, to learn how to love ourselves, our world, and our source of life with pure unconditional energy, from a place of truth about our inherent value and our divine worth as individual sparks of Divine Life.

There is a unity we have as human beings, each of us is born as a pure embodiment of love, we come with the same value and worth as anyone else in existence, with our own special talents, purpose and influence. Each of us is born to love and be loved, because love is essential to life, essentially love is life and life is love. Those who do not love freely and feel un-loved are those who contribute to the fearful and dis-eased minds on our planet. Unfortunately, we all have a touch of that false medicine we swallow everyday, and as a whole of humanity we continuously contribute to the sickness of eachother and our planet through our collective false feelings of not being good enough.

We are under a cloud of pain, struggle, hardship, victim-hood, unfairness, hurt, longing, unrest, aggression, anger, sadness, grief, lack etc. In our initiation of love, we must break through those clouds and understand that love is our birthright, and no matter what we have thought, felt or done in our past, that keeps us from loving ourselves, we are more than those emotions and actions. We are the wholeness life, here to experience love, and become pure in mind, body and spirit as we were intended to be. To experience this we must begin with ourselves, we must learn to shut off the negative and go within to the precious, powerful, radiant life force within and love from that place. We have all heard that you can't love another until you can love yourself. Find your love-ability and stir up those healing chemicals within every cell of your being.
Keep your heart with all diligence and activate your life-force, to create with you your greatest, healthiest, happiest and most abundant experience of life.

May there be beauty and strength within you!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Don't sit home alone tonight if you don't have a Valentine! Instead, come join us and have a wonderful night out, celebrating the power, beauty and radiance of being a woman.
Join Elizabeth Stahl for her annual Goddess Party at Cornerstone Bookstore in Salem MA.

Enjoy a magical evening of empowerment and nourishment for the feminine spirit.

Open to all women. We want to see you!
An extraordinary experience awaits!

Cost: $20
Time: 7 - 9pm

Location: Cornerstone Bookstore

45 Lafayette Street

Salem, Massachusetts 01970

(978) 744-1831 Phone

(617) 812-2562 Fax


For more information check out Elizabeth's website

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You
Understand Your Eight Divine Rights

Unveil your Right to Be -
This is your divine right to be exactly who you are. It is your right to take up space and your right to exist. Because you are here and because you are alive, then you have the right to be, and even more than that, your being-ness is essential. Every soul, insect, plant, tree, bird, animal, mountain and more, every everything that exists is a part of the great whole of the Universe. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm and every person on this planet has something unique and special to offer. Even if we don’t know what it is, if we are here, then we are meant to be here. And that is your divine right to BE. Do not forget these words….I AM THAT I AM and I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE. These are the words that verify your divine existence.

Unveil your Right to Have –
This is your divine right to have access to the earth’s bounty, to have purpose and to have a wonderful life. Unveil your right to have all the desires of your true heart, which includes feeling as if you already have everything you need right now in order to be happy and whole, which you do. Everything you need to be alive and happy is already within you and from there, when you know that all your basic needs for life are already yours, then you can move forward towards the other desires of your heart. Your Right to Have can include things like: your own abundance, family, home, material goods, health, nutritious foods, happiness, fulfillment, peace, pleasure, love, freedom, whatever it may be for you. As a human being on this planet, it is your right to enjoy your life and to have what you need to do so. Happiness is always a choice, and it is your choice whether to be happy with what you have or not. With the understanding that when you place value and gratitude upon the good you do have right now, like the eyes to read this, or a healthy body, or family who loves you, or food on your table etc. then you open the way for more of the good to come to you. To know and to understand that ‘to have’ is your divine right is to give yourself permission to step forth and receive all the good that is meant for you.

Unveil your Right to Feel –
This is your divine right to feel your full spectrum of emotions. To feel Beautiful on the inside and outside; to feel healthy, joyful, happy, blissful, confident, ecstatic, harmonious, and all the other feelings that make up the fullness of who you are, these include the darker feelings too - scared, sad, angry, enraged, depressed, confused etc. To feel your emotions, every single one of them, and to honor them with acceptance as your truth in the moment is to allow yourself to be fully alive. Your emotions are your inner guidance system, they let you know when things feel right and when things feel wrong. And when you are aware of what feels right and what feels wrong, then you are armed with important knowledge to guide your life’s direction. With your Right to Feel fully comes your ability to discern what feels right for you and to choose how you will act upon this guidance.

Unveil your Right to Act –
This is your divine right to take action, to go for what you want, to stand up for yourself and others, and to be empowered to effect change in your life. With your Right to Act you give yourself permission to be, do and have what you want in your life. When it is time to move and you move; When it is time to protect a loved one, you protect; When it is time push your limits, you push your limits and when it is time to be brave, you trust in your bravery and safety and go forward. Because these are divine rights, you are meant to follow and act upon those instincts within you that scratch at the back of your mind telling you to do, go, act! When it is time to protest, to respond, to create, to demonstrate, to be empowered, to change and to be courageous, this important right is by your side.

Unveil your Right to Love and Be Loved –
This is our most vital and important divine right. Within this Universe, we are all unified by one and only one thing and that is LOVE. The Law of Life is the Law of Love and the Law of Love is the Law of Life, they are one and the same. To open your heart fully to the truth and power of love within you, within every cell and fiber of your being, is your divine right. This Right to Love and to Be Loved is born out of the understanding that no matter what your personal life circumstances, you were created with love and created to love. Our greatest purpose in life is to give and receive unconditional love, to make connections with eachother and to come to the realization that we are all one, united by life and love and therefore brothers and sisters, a family in every way. Understand that Love is the only solution to every problem, Love is the only truth there is and Love is the only way to happiness. This is not about martyrdom, or giving up yourself for someone else and this is also not about unconditional relationships, where you take abuse in the name of love. Your divine Right to Love and Be Loved, comes first and only through the way in which you love and honor yourself. This is True Love. When you know how to truly love yourself, then you will also know how to love others. To know you are worthy of love and to love yourself unconditionally first, is to open the space within you to be loved unconditionally and be a magnet for even more love. To love, honor and cherish yourself, your body, your mind and your spirit are part of this divine right’s function. Self-care, positive loving self-talk, honoring and building your self-esteem, taking actions and doing deeds that are of service to others, as well as yourself, are all part of this law of love. We are all equals on this planet, we each come with our own unique gifts and strengths, noone is greater or less than another. How we love ourselves and our planet, which includes all the other souls we share it with too, is a measure of how good and beautiful our lives are and how deep our love can be. Acknowledging your self-worth and the worth of others as equal to your own, and in that equality understanding the vast and magnificent beauty of love that resides in the heart of every human being, regardless of their actions, is your power to love and be loved as a divine right. Embodying this Right to Love and Be Loved is of the greatest value to living a healthy, wealthy, loving, well-balanced and meaningful life.

Unveil your Right to Speak and Be Heard –
To fully express yourself is your divine right. To speak your truth and share your opinions, to have a voice and to be heard are all within the realm of true authentic expression and the right of every human being. Find your voice and express your true self. There are so many ways you can do it, try various avenues of self-expression to see which suits you best, such as: public speaking, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, acting etc. Creative expression is a gift of this divine right. If you are in a life situation in which you are afraid to express yourself and fear not being heard, then look for new ways to bring this part of yourself forth. Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to express your inner self and to explore your own inner truths, it is a way for you to be self-loving and to be the one listening to and hearing your own inner voice, your journal can be for your eyes only. When we don’t engage in this divine right of speaking, expressing and being heard, we get caught in a trap in which we can lose ourselves and even lose what is precious to us, our inner voice and with it our individuality and our ability to know what is right for us.

Unveil your Right to See and Be Seen –
This is your divine right to see what is true, to lift the veils and see with a deeper vision that includes intuition, inner-vision, use of the right side of the brain to see more clearly into other dimensions, to have more points of view and to see with wisdom beyond what our eyes can see in the 3-D. With this divine right we can see through deception, untruths, and illusion, we can read between the lines and trust that our inner wisdom is telling us what is true.
Also with this powerful right, you have the right to be seen for who you are and you have the right to see yourself as you would like to be seen. You may envision yourself as beautiful, smart, radiant and lovable and though your self imaging, you will be seen as the beautiful, smart, radiant, lovable person you are too. Our eyes are the windows of the soul, from them we see from our soul’s perspective out into the world and through them others, who know how to look closely, will see who you are by the soul peeking out through your eyes.
The divine Right to See and Be Seen includes our inner vision and intuitive guidance, dreams, imagination, the witnessing of miracles, coincidences, E.S.P., and our ability to create the image of who we are as we desire.

Unveil your Right to Know to Have Knowledge –
This is your divine right to be in the know, to be informed, to know the truth of who you are, to have knowledge, to be educated, aware and tapped into your own perfect wisdom.
The truth of who you are is very simple, you are the divine embodiment of the life, you are unique, whole, complete and perfect in every way. Because you are alive, living and breathing, and because the very nature of life itself is divine, and because the spark of life within each and every woman is a feminine divine spark, then wouldn’t it be truthful to call you what you are? Goddess in body? Yes, Goddess embodied.
If we are made in the image and likeness of God, Source Energy, Light, Great Spirit, the Divine, whatever you want to call it. If the breath of life within us, comes from this great source, this divine matrix that includes all things and is within all things, including us, and every cell of our being and if this life force that is within all things including us is called God, Source, Great Spirit (feminine = Goddess) etc. then wouldn’t it stand to reason that we are God/Goddess embodied, we are each individual expressions of this one great and whole source energy of life and because we are made of it (it is within us), and because it is within us, we are one and the same with it, just like the cells of our own bodies are one and the same with us.
This is the truest and greatest knowledge there is.
Knowing this, that you have God/Goddess in every cell of your being, making up the whole of who you are, and you are an individual expression of this divine source who through you is living a human experience, then you will understand that the soul who looks through your eyes is that of a divine nature. The ‘I AM’ that is you, is greater than the small personality of you. The I AM within you is the divine nature that is all knowing (omniscient), everywhere present (omnipresent) and all powerful (omnipotent) and it is within you, it is within every atom of every cell of your being. That means that all the divine intelligence that created this world and everything in it is available to you. Herein lies your divine Right to Know and Have Knowledge, but even greater than that…with this knowledge comes your ability to tap into the omnipotent, all powerful, all knowing, intelligence of the Universe to accompany you on your life’s journey. And since God is synonymous with Good, then all the good you desire to experience and share in the world is already within you.

May there be Beauty and Strength within you!