Friday, May 05, 2006



So many of us are finding ourselves in the time of alone. Now, more than ever, we are living our lives without partners, romance, financial support, human touch, and the gaze of love that nurtures our spirit. There is significant lonliness in the 21st Century and women are the greatest casualties of this phenomenon.


I remember reading an article in the early Nineties, which stated that more people than ever are living alone, depressed, broken hearted and dying of lonliness. It actually said that, ‘we are dying from lonliness’. It was shocking to see it on paper, but as I thought of it I could see why that would be true.

More than any other time in history we are isolated from connection, community and our sense of belonging. This is new territory for women, this time of alone, we have few role models to show us the way and many of us are navigating without a map.


My vision for women is to begin to close the gap that separates us from our own divine selves, friendships, partnerships and supportive community relationships.

In days of old, women had the support of others built right into their villages, the sense of belonging was rarely in question. These tribes or communities offered the type of assistance that celebrated eachothers successes, shared eachothers burdens, and healed lonely hearts through collective care. {The state of lonliness was unheard of in most tribes and small villages until recent times.} In the time of alone, women need to find alternative avenues of support by opening to new options for re-creating our personal villages and communities. {It is imperative for women to realize that they don’t have to go it alone, all it takes is a baby step into a new way of thinking and showing up in the world.}

This is the age of the Goddess emerging, which means this is the age of reconnecting with the ancient wisdoms and traditions of women. For centuries, women have gathered in circles, these circles are sacred spaces of support, trust, expression, wisdom, council and comfort. A women’s circle is a place to be empowered in positive ways, and to see yourself as whole, in the eyes of another. It is a place to network and open to new possibilities, you never know who you will meet and what opportunities will arise when you step off of your island and connect with others. In our overwhelming modern day lives, taking the wisdom of the ancients could offer us one of the greatest healing balms of our lives, a place to be seen, heard, accepted, encouraged and loved. This is a gift you give yourself, find your circle today and create the connections you deeply desire.