Saturday, January 31, 2009


Don't sit home alone tonight if you don't have a Valentine! Instead, come join us and have a wonderful night out, celebrating the power, beauty and radiance of being a woman.
Join Elizabeth Stahl for her annual Goddess Party at Cornerstone Bookstore in Salem MA.

Enjoy a magical evening of empowerment and nourishment for the feminine spirit.

Open to all women. We want to see you!
An extraordinary experience awaits!

Cost: $20
Time: 7 - 9pm

Location: Cornerstone Bookstore

45 Lafayette Street

Salem, Massachusetts 01970

(978) 744-1831 Phone

(617) 812-2562 Fax


For more information check out Elizabeth's website

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You

Unveil the Magnificent Goddess Within You
Understand Your Eight Divine Rights

Unveil your Right to Be -
This is your divine right to be exactly who you are. It is your right to take up space and your right to exist. Because you are here and because you are alive, then you have the right to be, and even more than that, your being-ness is essential. Every soul, insect, plant, tree, bird, animal, mountain and more, every everything that exists is a part of the great whole of the Universe. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm and every person on this planet has something unique and special to offer. Even if we don’t know what it is, if we are here, then we are meant to be here. And that is your divine right to BE. Do not forget these words….I AM THAT I AM and I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE. These are the words that verify your divine existence.

Unveil your Right to Have –
This is your divine right to have access to the earth’s bounty, to have purpose and to have a wonderful life. Unveil your right to have all the desires of your true heart, which includes feeling as if you already have everything you need right now in order to be happy and whole, which you do. Everything you need to be alive and happy is already within you and from there, when you know that all your basic needs for life are already yours, then you can move forward towards the other desires of your heart. Your Right to Have can include things like: your own abundance, family, home, material goods, health, nutritious foods, happiness, fulfillment, peace, pleasure, love, freedom, whatever it may be for you. As a human being on this planet, it is your right to enjoy your life and to have what you need to do so. Happiness is always a choice, and it is your choice whether to be happy with what you have or not. With the understanding that when you place value and gratitude upon the good you do have right now, like the eyes to read this, or a healthy body, or family who loves you, or food on your table etc. then you open the way for more of the good to come to you. To know and to understand that ‘to have’ is your divine right is to give yourself permission to step forth and receive all the good that is meant for you.

Unveil your Right to Feel –
This is your divine right to feel your full spectrum of emotions. To feel Beautiful on the inside and outside; to feel healthy, joyful, happy, blissful, confident, ecstatic, harmonious, and all the other feelings that make up the fullness of who you are, these include the darker feelings too - scared, sad, angry, enraged, depressed, confused etc. To feel your emotions, every single one of them, and to honor them with acceptance as your truth in the moment is to allow yourself to be fully alive. Your emotions are your inner guidance system, they let you know when things feel right and when things feel wrong. And when you are aware of what feels right and what feels wrong, then you are armed with important knowledge to guide your life’s direction. With your Right to Feel fully comes your ability to discern what feels right for you and to choose how you will act upon this guidance.

Unveil your Right to Act –
This is your divine right to take action, to go for what you want, to stand up for yourself and others, and to be empowered to effect change in your life. With your Right to Act you give yourself permission to be, do and have what you want in your life. When it is time to move and you move; When it is time to protect a loved one, you protect; When it is time push your limits, you push your limits and when it is time to be brave, you trust in your bravery and safety and go forward. Because these are divine rights, you are meant to follow and act upon those instincts within you that scratch at the back of your mind telling you to do, go, act! When it is time to protest, to respond, to create, to demonstrate, to be empowered, to change and to be courageous, this important right is by your side.

Unveil your Right to Love and Be Loved –
This is our most vital and important divine right. Within this Universe, we are all unified by one and only one thing and that is LOVE. The Law of Life is the Law of Love and the Law of Love is the Law of Life, they are one and the same. To open your heart fully to the truth and power of love within you, within every cell and fiber of your being, is your divine right. This Right to Love and to Be Loved is born out of the understanding that no matter what your personal life circumstances, you were created with love and created to love. Our greatest purpose in life is to give and receive unconditional love, to make connections with eachother and to come to the realization that we are all one, united by life and love and therefore brothers and sisters, a family in every way. Understand that Love is the only solution to every problem, Love is the only truth there is and Love is the only way to happiness. This is not about martyrdom, or giving up yourself for someone else and this is also not about unconditional relationships, where you take abuse in the name of love. Your divine Right to Love and Be Loved, comes first and only through the way in which you love and honor yourself. This is True Love. When you know how to truly love yourself, then you will also know how to love others. To know you are worthy of love and to love yourself unconditionally first, is to open the space within you to be loved unconditionally and be a magnet for even more love. To love, honor and cherish yourself, your body, your mind and your spirit are part of this divine right’s function. Self-care, positive loving self-talk, honoring and building your self-esteem, taking actions and doing deeds that are of service to others, as well as yourself, are all part of this law of love. We are all equals on this planet, we each come with our own unique gifts and strengths, noone is greater or less than another. How we love ourselves and our planet, which includes all the other souls we share it with too, is a measure of how good and beautiful our lives are and how deep our love can be. Acknowledging your self-worth and the worth of others as equal to your own, and in that equality understanding the vast and magnificent beauty of love that resides in the heart of every human being, regardless of their actions, is your power to love and be loved as a divine right. Embodying this Right to Love and Be Loved is of the greatest value to living a healthy, wealthy, loving, well-balanced and meaningful life.

Unveil your Right to Speak and Be Heard –
To fully express yourself is your divine right. To speak your truth and share your opinions, to have a voice and to be heard are all within the realm of true authentic expression and the right of every human being. Find your voice and express your true self. There are so many ways you can do it, try various avenues of self-expression to see which suits you best, such as: public speaking, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, acting etc. Creative expression is a gift of this divine right. If you are in a life situation in which you are afraid to express yourself and fear not being heard, then look for new ways to bring this part of yourself forth. Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to express your inner self and to explore your own inner truths, it is a way for you to be self-loving and to be the one listening to and hearing your own inner voice, your journal can be for your eyes only. When we don’t engage in this divine right of speaking, expressing and being heard, we get caught in a trap in which we can lose ourselves and even lose what is precious to us, our inner voice and with it our individuality and our ability to know what is right for us.

Unveil your Right to See and Be Seen –
This is your divine right to see what is true, to lift the veils and see with a deeper vision that includes intuition, inner-vision, use of the right side of the brain to see more clearly into other dimensions, to have more points of view and to see with wisdom beyond what our eyes can see in the 3-D. With this divine right we can see through deception, untruths, and illusion, we can read between the lines and trust that our inner wisdom is telling us what is true.
Also with this powerful right, you have the right to be seen for who you are and you have the right to see yourself as you would like to be seen. You may envision yourself as beautiful, smart, radiant and lovable and though your self imaging, you will be seen as the beautiful, smart, radiant, lovable person you are too. Our eyes are the windows of the soul, from them we see from our soul’s perspective out into the world and through them others, who know how to look closely, will see who you are by the soul peeking out through your eyes.
The divine Right to See and Be Seen includes our inner vision and intuitive guidance, dreams, imagination, the witnessing of miracles, coincidences, E.S.P., and our ability to create the image of who we are as we desire.

Unveil your Right to Know to Have Knowledge –
This is your divine right to be in the know, to be informed, to know the truth of who you are, to have knowledge, to be educated, aware and tapped into your own perfect wisdom.
The truth of who you are is very simple, you are the divine embodiment of the life, you are unique, whole, complete and perfect in every way. Because you are alive, living and breathing, and because the very nature of life itself is divine, and because the spark of life within each and every woman is a feminine divine spark, then wouldn’t it be truthful to call you what you are? Goddess in body? Yes, Goddess embodied.
If we are made in the image and likeness of God, Source Energy, Light, Great Spirit, the Divine, whatever you want to call it. If the breath of life within us, comes from this great source, this divine matrix that includes all things and is within all things, including us, and every cell of our being and if this life force that is within all things including us is called God, Source, Great Spirit (feminine = Goddess) etc. then wouldn’t it stand to reason that we are God/Goddess embodied, we are each individual expressions of this one great and whole source energy of life and because we are made of it (it is within us), and because it is within us, we are one and the same with it, just like the cells of our own bodies are one and the same with us.
This is the truest and greatest knowledge there is.
Knowing this, that you have God/Goddess in every cell of your being, making up the whole of who you are, and you are an individual expression of this divine source who through you is living a human experience, then you will understand that the soul who looks through your eyes is that of a divine nature. The ‘I AM’ that is you, is greater than the small personality of you. The I AM within you is the divine nature that is all knowing (omniscient), everywhere present (omnipresent) and all powerful (omnipotent) and it is within you, it is within every atom of every cell of your being. That means that all the divine intelligence that created this world and everything in it is available to you. Herein lies your divine Right to Know and Have Knowledge, but even greater than that…with this knowledge comes your ability to tap into the omnipotent, all powerful, all knowing, intelligence of the Universe to accompany you on your life’s journey. And since God is synonymous with Good, then all the good you desire to experience and share in the world is already within you.

May there be Beauty and Strength within you!